Who is The Zakat Not Gıven To


Who is not given zakat in islam? To whom should we give zakat?

  1. People whom the person is responsible for taking care of: A person can not give zakat to their own mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, children or grandchildren-even if they are poor. The husband and wife can not give the zakat to eachother. Because these are the people who the person is responsible for giving the nafaqa to.
  2. To the rich: The zakat is not given to the rich who have the nisab amount of goods and money. The child whose father is rich and the woman whose husband is rich is considered to be rich themselves. However it is jaiz for someone else to give the zakat to the son and father of a rich man; the son and father who are not able to make a living and who are poor.

The zakat can also not be given to people who do not own goods that have a nisab amount but are able to make a comfortable living.

  1. Places such as mosques, schools, fountains,roads and bridges: The zakat can not be given for the purpose of constructing places such as these because zakat is the right of real people. Because in zakat there is the need of transferring a right.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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