The Importance of The Science of Fiqh (Shafii)


What is fiqh? What does fiqh means in shafii?

Fiqh is a science that teaches us what things religion requires us to do and what we are not allowed to do. It is for this reason that fiqh is considered the most important science among all Islamic sciences as it is directly related to the daily life of a Muslim and his/her conduct.

The Prophet (pbuh) informed and commanded us to learn the rulings pertaining to these matters and study them well:

 “Before you are appointed to the administration of a task, understand the religion well.”[1]

The Companions, who comprehended the importance and need for fiqh, would sit together at night and discuss the topics related to fiqh.[2] Abu Darda, a notable Companion of the Prophet, said the following: “In my opinion, spending one hour studying fiqh is better than spending a whole night engaged in acts of worship without studying fiqh.”

Therefore, an individual should know thoroughly the religious-practical (fiqh) matters related to his life. Caliph Ali (r.a.) pointed out the importance of fiqh in trade as follows: “One who does trade without having knowledge in fiqh is prone to falling into riba (interest).”[3]

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