Types of Hajj (Maliki)


What are the types of hajj? How many types of Hajj are there?

a. The Types of Hajj in terms of their Ruling

  1. Hajj that is fardh: The hajj that the Muslim who carries the conditions is obligated to perform once in their lives.
  2. Hajj that is wajib: The qaza of the nafilah hajj that was not completed is considered wajib. The person who vows to perform hajj for whatever reason, them carrying out this hajj is considered wajib.
  3. Hajj that is nafilah: This is the hajj that is performed for the sake of Allah by people who have already carried out the fardh hajj or children who have not yet reached puberty.

b. Types of Hajj in terms of its Performance

There are three types of hajj in terms of its performance; ifrad, tamattu and qiran.

  1. The ifrad hajj: It is the hajj that is completed with wearing the ihram for the purpose of hajj and without performing umrah. For this hajj when the ihram is being worn, only hajj is made intention for. This is the most virtuous hajj; because in this there is no need to cut the hady qurban; also Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) performed the ifrad hajj.
  2. The tamattu hajj: In the season of hajj firstly the ihram is worn for umrah and after the umrah has been completed, in the same season-before returning home-the ihram is worn once again and the fardh hajj is carried out. This is the tamattu hajj.
  3. The qiran hajj: In the hajj season, it is performing the umrah and hajj together with the one ihram and one intention. When the person is wearing the ihram firstly say the word umrah and say: ‘’I intend to perform the umrah and hajj together’’. Or the person firstly intends to perform the umrah, afterwards before they complete the tawaf they add the intention to perform the hajj to this.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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