To Carry Out The Ifada Tawaf (Maliki)


What is the ifada tawaf? How many types of tawaf are there?

The ifada tawaf is carried out by walking around the Kabah seven times. The time of this starts with the rising of the sun on the day of eid. Before this, it is needed of the person to stone the jamratul aqabah (big shaitan).

The Required Conditions for the IfadaTawaf to be considered Sahih

  1. a) To be cleaned of hadas and najasat,
  2. b) To cover the private parts,
  3. c) To position the Kabah to the left side while carrying out the tawaf,
  4. d) To carry out the tawaf inside of the Masjidul Haram,
  5. e) To make the tawafs back to back without giving many breaks in between,
  6. f) For the whole of the body to be outside of the shadervan and the Hijr area. Shadervan surrounds the base of the Kabah and the length of its protrusion is a little bit above the ground.

The Wajibs of the İfada Tawaf

  1. a) To start from the Hajarul Aswad for each shawt,
  2. b) For the person who is able to walk to make the tawaf by walking.

The Sunnahs of the Ifada Tawaf

  1. a) To silently kiss the Hajarul Aswad when starting the tawaf. If they are unable to do this they put their hand on the Hajarul Aswad and kiss their hand. If they can not also do this, they may touch it with a stick and kiss the stick. If they also can not do this, they may point at it and recite the takbir.
  2. b) To touch the rukn yemani.
  3. c) For the people who are going into ihram from miqat to make ramal in the first three shawts of the tawaf.

When the person does the ifada tawaf, all the prohibitions including sexual intercours, hunting and putting on pleasant scents are removed. This is called tahallul akbar.

The Mandubs of the Ifada Tawaf

  1. a) To make the twafa with the ihram clothing,
  2. b) To make the tawaf as soon as the hair is cut.

Types of Tawaf

  1. The Umrah Tawaf: The tawaf in where the first four shawts are the rukuns of umrah and it is carried out with the ihram. Its implementation is fardh for the people who are performing the umrah.
  2. The qudum tawaf: It is the first tawaf that is carried out with the ihram by those that come from other countries. It is sunnah to do this.
  3. The ifada tawaf: It is made after returning from Arafat and it is a tawaf that is a rukun of hajj.
  4. The wada tawaf: It is the last tawaf that is made before leaving Makkah after stoning the shaitan in Mina. It is mandub for the afakis who come from outside of Makkah to do this tawaf
  5. The tatawwu (nafilah) tawaf: It is the tawaf that is occasionally carried out by the Muslims who are found in Makkah. It is considered more virtuous for the people who have come from outside of Makkah to do this tawaf than to perform the nafilah salat. Because these people can not always find the time for this.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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