To Be Found In Arafat (Maliki)


What is arafat in islam? What does arafat means?

It is a rukun of hajj to be found in Arafat in whatever which way on the night of Eid Al-Adha and it does not matter in which area of Arafat. When being found in Arafat, it is required of the person to wait without motion for the length of time it takes for one to sit between two sujuds.

To make the wuquf in the afternoon on the day of Arafa is wajib, its not a rukun. If it is not done, it can be made up for by slaughtering a qurban.

The sunnah of the wuquf in Arafat are these:

  1. In the afternoon, for the imam to read two khutbas in the masjid of Arafat and to teach the people about actions/duties concerning hajj,
  2. To pray the zuhr and asr salats by joining them in the jam way-except for the community that lives in Arafat. Firstly the adhan is read for the zuhr salat, the adhan for the asr salat after this is finished, afterwards the salats are performed by being joined together. Afterwards the person will go to rahmah mountain and make dua in a state of humility until the sun sets. Afterwards the people will head to Muzdalifa with the imam. When they have reached Muzdalifa, they will perform the maghrib and isha salats in the jam takhir way by joining the salats, the isha salat will be shortened.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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