Things That Are Mandub During ‘Eid (Maliki)


What are the things that are mandub during eid?

It is mandub to do the following:

  • Being active (with worship) during this night,
  • Performing ghusl for the ‘eid prayer,
  • Adorning with clean and new clothing,
  • Walking to the mosque and returning from a different route,
  • Eating any small sweet thing (such as a date etc) before going to the ‘eid-ul fitr prayer, and not eating anything before the ‘eid-ul adha prayer,
  • Reciting loud takbeerat on the way to the mosque,
  • Praying at the mosque rather than at home,
  • Conveying two khutbas like the Friday prayer, the imam sitting down at the beginning of every khutba, explaining the sadaqah al fitr, sacrificing of an animal during the khutba and making the khutbas after the prayer,
  • For a person upon whom the ‘eid prayer is not required to perform the ‘eid prayer,
  • On ‘Eid al-Adha all people –even kids- must say the takbeerat tashreeqa after every prayer, from dhuhr prayer of the first day of ‘eid until the fajr of the fourth day. These takbeerat are not said after nawafil prayers or qada prayers. If he forgot the takbeer and a lot of time has not passed, he should say it. However, if one has left the masjid or quite a while has passed (since he prayed), he does not say it. It is mandub to remind a person or imam about the takbeerat if he has forgotten. It is sufficient to say “ALLAHU AKBAR” as the takbeerat. After the third takbeer, if one says “la ilaha illallahu wallahu akbar wa lillahi’l-hamd” it is also meritorious.

On the ‘eid day, it is makruh to perform nawafil prayers between the fajr prayer and ‘eid prayer. However it is not makruh to perform nawafil prayers in the masjid.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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