The Sunnah Acts of Friday (Shafii)


What are the sunnah acts of friday?

Some of the Sunnah acts that can be carried out on Fridays are as follows:

1- To perform the major ablution (ghusl) and cleanse the body for Friday prayer. The time for performing major ablution begins with the time of the Dawn prayer.

2- To clip the finger and toe nails. To shave the pubic hair, to trim the moustache, and to comb the hair and beard.

3- To put on the best clothes and wear some fragrance.

4- To recite chapter al-Kahf (18) during the day and night of Friday.

5- To invoke, pray for the blessings to be upon the Prophet (pbuh) and give as much as possible to charity.

6- To go to Friday prayer early.

7- To walk calmly when going to the mosque and keep one-self busy with the recitation of the Qur’an and remembrance of Allah on the way.

8- When entering the mosque to sit in the furthest empty spot and not to pass in front of those who are performing the prayer.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Shafi’i School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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