The Performance of The ‘Eid Prayers and The Takbeerat (Maliki)              


How to perform the eid prayers? How to do eid takbeer?

The ‘Eid prayer is performed on the ‘eid morning, from when performing nawafil prayers is acceptable until when the sun reaches the zenith point. It is performed without calling the adhan or iqamah.

In the first raka’ah of the ‘eid prayer, there are six takbeerat other than the first one. In the second raka’ah, other than the takbeer to rise, there are five takbeerat. Hands are raised only at the initial takbeer. Between takbeerat, a small pause is made for those following the imam to say the takbeer. The takbeerat are said before the recitation.

If the imam forgets any takbeerat: If he remembers this before the ruku’ he should repeat the takbeerat, then he continues with recitation and at the end he should make a sajdat sahw. However if he remembers (that he forgot) after the ruku’, he should simply perform sajdat sahw at the end.

A person who catches up with the imam before the ruku’, should say one takbeer. However if the imam has already commenced ruku’, the person leaves the takbeer and follows the imam. A person who catches up with the imam in the second raka’ah says all five takbeerat other than the initial takbeer. When he completes the rest of the prayer as qada, he says all six takbeerat other than the takbeer for rising.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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