The Makruh Acts of Prayer (Maliki)


What is the makruh acts of prayer?

The following are the makruh acts of prayer:

  1. Saying A’udhu Basmala and Basmala before Fatiha and the additional surah during fard prayers,
  2. Making du’a between the first takbeer and the Fatiha or whilst reciting it,
  3. Making du’a during ruku’, before the first and last tashahhud or after the first tashahhud,
  4. Making du’a (supplication) after the imam gives the salam,
  5. Making open supplication during sujood or another position,
  6. Saying the tashahhud out loud,
  7. Making prostration above a piece of fabric from one’s clothing or turban,
  8. Reciting Qur’an during ruku’ or sajdah,
  9. Constantly reading the same verses during prayer,
  10. Moving head from side to side for no valid reason,
  11. Cracking knuckles of the fingers,
  12. Sitting with toes and placing buttocks on the heels,
  13. Placing hands on sides while standing,
  14. Shutting the eyes,
  15. Lifting the feet off the ground or leaning on one foot,
  16. Placing one foot above the other,
  17. Joining feet while praying,
  18. Thinking of worldly things while praying,
  19. Fidgeting with beard or moustache etc,
  20. Saying “Alhamdulillah” after sneezing,
  21. Itching for no reason,
  22. Smiling subtly,
  23. Neglecting one of the sunnah acts of prayer purposely,
  24. Reciting an additional surah or verses after Fatiha during the last two raka’ah,
  25. Shaking hands for a particular reason during prayer.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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