The Fazilah and Ruling of the Jamaat (Maliki)


What is important jamaat? What is fazilah of jamaat in islam?

Our religion has given great importance to praying with the jamaat. The jamaat is the sihhah condition for the Jum’a prayer. It is sunnah for the farz-i ayn, farz-i kifayah, eid, solar eclipse and for the rain dua prayers, it is mandub for taraweeh. It is very important for a Muslim to follow their jamaat in the mosque. For in one hadith, it is made clear that –the people whose hearts are connected to the mosque- are one of the seven groups of people who will be blessed with the divine shelter/shadow in that horrific place on judgement day in where there will be no shadows.

According to what was recounted by Abu Said Al-Hudri r.anh, The Prophet –peace be upon him- stated: “When you see a man who has made it a habit to continually pray in masjids, witness that he is a true believing Muslim.”[1]

Those who pray the salat with the jamaat gain more thawab than those who pray on their own. Our Beloved Prophet has this good news to share on this topic: “The thawab of the one who prays with the jamaat is twenty seven times more than the person who prays on their own.”[2]

The fazilah of the jamaat will be realised when one reaches a full rakat with the imam. And this will be the case when one catches up to the imam before he straightens up from ruqu on his last rakat.

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Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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