The Definition and Importance of The Qurban (Shafii)


What is the definition of qurban in islam? What is the importance of qurban in shafii?

a. The Definition of the Qurban and Its Importance in Islam

The word qurban lexically means to come close. As for its terminological meaning, it refers to “the animal that carries the needed qualities to be slaughtered and that it is slaughtered at a specified time with the intention of ibadah in order to come close to the rahmah (mercy) of Almighty Allah.” The Arabic term udhiyah [which is the nominal form of the verb dahha, meaning to sacrifice and has the same meaning as qurban]refers to camels, cattle, sheep and goats, which are slaughtered as a means of drawing near to Allah on the days set aside for such slaughtering.

Qurban which helps the believers come closer to Allah is a manifestation of their gratitude for the abundant blessings bestowed upon them by Allah Almighty. It is an instrument to come closer to Allah and attain His mercy and forgiveness.

b. The Benefits of the Qurban

The qurban has many benefits. We can list some of them as follows:

  •  It encourages people to make financial sacrifices in the path of Allah.
  • It ensures a helping hand to the poor people.
  • By means of qurban, poor people meet their needs for food to a certain extent. It is evident that thousands of animals are slaughtered across the world and mostly wealthy and well-to-do people mostly benefit from this meat. Whereas it is as evident that the poor and destitute benefit more from the qurbans that are slaughtered with the intention of carrying out a religious duty on Eid al-Adha.
  • Charity organizations are supported when the meat and skins of the qurban are donated to them. Thanks to qurban organizations, help reaches to even the remotest corners of the world.
  • The qurban also brings economic vitality to the market.
  • By means of ibadah of the qurban, the profession of animal breeding, which is an important source of income, is supported. In this way people who breed and sell animals for qurban are able to ensure their sustenance.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Shafi’i School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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