Tasbih Prayer (Prayer of Grace)


What is tasbih prayer? How do you pray tasbeeh prayer?

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) once said to his uncle ‘Abbas (r.a.):

“O my uncle! Shall I not give you a gift? Shall I not show you something by means of which Allah the Almighty will forgive your sins, the first and the last of them, the past and recent, the unintentional and the intentional, the small and huge, the secret and open?”

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) then taught him the tasbih prayer.

“You perform four-rak’ahs of prayer. In each rak’ah you need to recite surat al-Fatiha and another chapter from the Qur’an. After completing your recitation, say fifteen times “Subhaanallaahi walhamdu lillaahi walaa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar” while you are standing. Then bend down and say the same words ten times while bending. Then stand up and say them again ten times. After that go down to prostrate and say them ten more times; say them ten more times when you raise your head from prostration and ten more during the second prostration and another ten after the second prostration. Do the same in the second rak’ah. If you would like, you can perform this prayer daily. If you cannot offer it daily, then perform it every Friday or once a month or once a year. If you cannot, perform it at least once in your life time.” (Abu Dawud, Ṭaṭawwu, 14; Tirmidhi, Witr, 19)

Source: An Excellent Exemplar, Osman Nuri Topbaş,  Erkam Publications

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