Exemplary Characteristics of the Prophets


What is exemplary characteristics of the prophets? What is features of prophets?

It is an undeniable fact that loving others, admiring their characters, and trying to imitate them is a natural characteristic of human beings. In this respect, to find the right examples and to follow their footsteps is very important for human beings. This is why Allah the Most Glorious, because of His Kindness and Generosity, sent human beings not just guiding books, but also His messengers who were endowed with several lofty qualities and who were the living examples of His books. They were such personalities that they presented the perfect examples in religious, scholarly, and ethical deeds and behaviors. In fact every one of these prophets manifested the highest examples of good behaviors and gave humanity exceptional services.

For instance, when we examine the life of the prophet Noah (pbuh), the first thing we observe is his invitation to faith, patience, forbearance, and his hatred towards disbelief. Abraham’s (pbuh) life passed in struggle with disbelief and idolatry; and he also manifested an excellent example for us with his trust and complete submission to Divine Will when he was faced with being thrown into Nimrod’s fire. Again the life of Moses (pbuh) passed in fight with Pharaoh and his men’s oppression. With the help of the legal system, which he brought, he also established social order for his followers. The distinguishing characteristic of the mission of Jesus (pbuh) was that his heart was full of mercy and compassion towards humans. Lofty characteristics such as his modesty and treatment of others with tender-heartedness draw our attention. Despite his magnificent wealth and kingdom, Solomon (pbuh) maintained his modesty and gratefulness towards his Lord. Similarily, we can observe lofty manifestations of patience and forbearance of all kinds of troubles and gratefulness towards Allah under any circumstances in the life of Job (pbuh). Jonah’s (pbuh) life is a perfect example of regret and repentance for his mistake and trusting and turning towards Allah the Almighty. Joseph (pbuh) lived the apex of submission and commitment to Allah the Most Glorious. He maintained his decency even when he was seduced by a wealthy, famous, and beautiful woman. The life of David (pbuh) is filled with exemplary scenes. His remembrance and thankfulness of Allah in tears because of the fear of Allah and his turning towards the Lord of the worlds in supplication are wonderful examples for us. Jacob’s (pbuh) life is another example of patience and not feeling despair even under the most desperate times of life. He never lost hope from the mercy of Allah the Most High.

In order to live in religious peace and happiness the family of humanity, which began with Adam and Eve (peace and blessings be upon them), adopted the Qabah in Mecca as their first place of worship. Sons of Adam, who were spread around the world because of their social and essential needs, were now and then enlightened by the Messengers of Allah. They kept their religious lives alive and thus stayed loyal to the Divine realities which were distorted from time to time by ignorant people and destroyers of religion since Adam (pbuh). However, Allah the Almighty continuously sent His Messengers, who corrected their distortions, and revived His religion. In this way, humanity has been saved from individual and social crisis.

Finally, the age of happiness came and with the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), religion reached its peak again at the place where it originally started. After the perfection of religion with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), it is impossible to imagine a higher state of religion; because, revival of the divine message has ended with the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad, Islam has become the religion with which Allah consents. Therefore, the most perfect example for human tendency of imitating others has been displayed in front of us.

Source: An Excellent Exemplar, Osman Nuri Topbaş,  Erkam Publications

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