Reprehensible Actions For The Person Who is Fasting


What are the behaviors that are disgraceful to the fasting person?

  • Arguing and verbally abusing someone.
  • Backbiting
  • Delaying one’s fast-breaking meal past sundown if one believes that this is a virtue; otherwise, it is not reprehensible.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum
  • Using a toothpick (miswak) after noon unless there is some reason to do so, such as a change in one’s mouth due to having eaten something like an onion out of forgetfulness after noon.
  • Chewing up food [for someone]. This does not invalidate one’s fast, but it is undesirable unless it is done out of some necessity, as when someone chews up food for his baby and the like.
  • Tasting food unless it is done out of necessity, as when someone is working as a chef and the like.
  • Cupping and venesection unless they are done out of necessity.
  • Kissing, if it does not arouse one’s physical desires; if it does, it is forbidden. The same thing applies to embracing and direct genital contact.
  • Indulging in pleasures which appeal to the eye, the nose and the ear if they are things which are permissible to begin with. As for indulging in that which is forbidden to begin with, this is clearly prohibited both to those who are fasting and to those who are not.
  • Going to the bathhouse.
  • Applying kohl.[1]

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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