Provisions Regarding Praying With The Jamaat


What are the provisions regarding praying in jamaat? How to pray in jamaah?

It is considered mandub for men to be situated on the imams right side and also a little behind him. If two or more people are following the imam it is considered mandub for them to stand behind the imam, and for women to stand behind the entire jamaat.

It is considered makruh for the follower of the imam to pray infront of him even though there is no necessity, and also for men to pray amongst women and for women to pray amongst men.

It is jaiz for the person to hurry without running in order to catch up to the salat, to bring children who will not cause unncecessary distraction to the jamaat, for women who will not attract mens attention to participate in the jamaat, for young girls to partcipate in the prayer of the jamaat and janazahs in a way that will not cause fitnah, for a small stream, road or crop to come between the imam and the follower, for the follower of the imam to be situated above the imam (besides the Jum’a prayer) and to use a microphone while praying.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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