Performing the Hajj with Badal (Maliki)


How to make hajj with badal? What is the performing the hajj with badal?

It is jaiz for someone who can not carry out the ibadah of hajj to send someone a representative in place of them, this is called badal. As a matter of fact, a woman from the Bani Has’am came to our Prophet in the year of the wada hajj and asked:

“O Rasulallah, the ruling of hajj reached the Muslims, when my father was too old to stay on top of a riding animal. Would his debt be paid if i perform the hajj on behalf of him?’’ Our Prophet stated:

“-Yes it would, He answered”[1]  In another rivayah, someone from the Bani Juhayna came to our Prophet and asked: “My mother vowed to perform the hajj but died before performing it. Should I perform the hajj on her behalf?

Our Prophet stated: “-Yes, perform the hajj. If your mother had a debt to her name, would you not have paid for it? If that is the case, also pay the right of Allah. Because Allah is more deserving for His right to be paid.”[2]

The person who does not perform the hajj even though the hajj is fardh for them, must specify in their will before they die that they want to send someone as a badal to perform the hajj in their name. If one third of their wealth is enough to send a badal for hajj, it is needed for the heirs to actualise this will; if it is not enough, the heirs will not be indebted to actualise this will.

The person who is performing the hajj as a representative, must make intention in the name of the person who sent them when they are going into the ihram, all the expenses of the representative must be paid for by the person who has sent them.

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[2] Bukhari, Jazau’s-Sayd 22

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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