Maliki School (Shafii)


What is maliki school? What is maliki school of thought? According to shafii fiqh…

a. Malik b. Anas (93-179 AH / 712-795 CE)

Malik b. Anas, who was born in Medina in h. 93 and passed on in h. 179 in the same city, continued the lessons of Rabi’at al-Ra’y, who was a scholar of the Ra’y school. He also took lessons from Abdurrahman b. Hurmuz who had significant influence upon Imam Malik. He attended the lessons of Nafi’ the freed slave of Abdullah b. Umar. He also benefited from the knowledge of Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri, Said b. Musayyab, Abu al-Zinad and Yahya b. Said al-Ansari.

b. The Regions where the Maliki School exists today

The Maliki madhhab gained popularity mostly in Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, etc.) and Andalusia. It is also possible to find a small number of its followers in the Hijaz region. Since the Maliki School was the official madhhab of the Umayyad administration in Andalusia, it also had an impact on the people living there. Along with North Africa, it also gained popularity in South Europe and America. According to estimations, approximately 20% of the Muslims around the world follows the Maliki madhhab.

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Shafi’i School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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