Makruh (Maliki)


What is makruh? What does makruh means?

The definition for makruh is disliked, not recommended, etc. They are acts that have been forbidden with sources that are not absolutely definite, thus they are considered disliked acts and doing them is not recommended.

The makruh classification that is frequently mentioned in Islamic literature and the recommendation to avoid them is important in terms of; gaining the maximum benefit from ‘ibadat and beautifying one’s character by abstaining from Islamically improper actions. Likewise, refraining from makruh acts is important in terms of taking the Prophet’s lifestyle into consideration and trying to follow his steps.

The ruling for Makruh:

Most scholars propound that comitting makruh acts does not require punishment; however in some cases the doer may be criticized and reprimanded. A person who avoids makruh acts for the sake of Allah is praised and rewarded (by Allah).

Source: Fiqh1 (According To The Maliki School Of Islamic Law), Erkam Publications

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