With Courage


What is courage in Islam? What is the importance of courage in Islam?

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of fulfilling the duty of tabligh, is the fear and concern of being chastised. Our Prophet (SAW) trained his companions in the best manner to avoid both.

For example;

Abu Dharr (RA) would relish in conveying the words of the Prophet (SAW) he had learnt. He even once said:

“Even if you were to put a sword on my neck, and if I knew that I had just about enough time to make one last tabligh by the time you slaughtered me, I would certainly still relay that hadith to you.” (Bukhari, Ilm, 10; Darimi, Muqaddimah, 46)

It was the Meccan period. The Prophet (SAW) had asked:

“Who among you will go to the Kaaba to recite some Qur’an to the pagans?” It was going to be the first open invitation for Islam.

Abdullah ibn Masud (RA) said:

“I will, Messenger of Allah!” as he left and went to the courtyard of the Kaaba, where he began to recite Chapter al-Rahman out loud. The pagans immediately attacked and brutally beat him.

His friends said:

“This is what we feared all along!”

But Abdullah ibn Masud (RA) said:

“Right now, there is no one weaker and more trivial in my eyes than them! If you like I can go again tomorrow and make them listen to the Qur’an once more!”

His friends said;

“No! You have already made them listen to something they did not like. This should do for you!” (Ibn Hisham, I, 336-337)

Source: BEING A GUIDING LIGHT, Osman Nuri Topbas, Erkam Publications

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 Source: BEING A GUIDING LIGHT, Osman Nuri Topbas, Erkam Publications

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