Who is Sayyid Nur Muhammad Badayuni?


Who isSayyid Nur Muhammad Badayuni? What kind of person Sayyid Nur Muhammad Badayuni? When didSayyid Nur Muhammad Badayuni live?

Sayyid Nur Muhammad Badayuni [v. 1722]

Since he was from the lineage of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) he was known as Sayyid. He was from the city of Badayun in India.

Sayyid Nur Muhammad took his knowledge and blessings from the great guide Muhammad Sayfuddin, the grandson of Imam Rabbani In addition, he also studied under the great scholar Hafiz Muhammad Muhsin (may Allah have mercy on them all).. He had advanced to such a degree in his knowledge, that he became an unparalleled scholar and guide in sarf (Arabic grammar) nahw (syntax), logic, ma’ani, tafsir (Quranic commentary), hadith, and tasawwuf. People would rush to his assemblies in order to benefit from his knowledge.

Sayyid Nur would take extreme care in matters of religion. He was extremely careful to stay away from unlawful and doubtful things. He would eat very little and take extra precautions to determine that what he ate was lawful.

He would always have by his side books that described the life and elevated character of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) and was constantly striving to follow his Sunnah in every act.

One day when he went to the bathroom, he accidently entered with his right foot. Due to the sorrow that resulted he was struck with a spiritual constriction for three days.

He would avoid sitting with people who indulged in the world. His back had become bent from worshipping so much.

His student Mazhar Jan-e Janan (may Allah have mercy on him) would weep when speaking about him saying:

“You were unfortunate enough not to have seen Sayyid Nur. If you had seen him, your faith would have been renewed and you would have said: “How great is the power of Allah, Most High, that He created such a blessed man!”

His state would not change whether he was praised or criticised by the heedless. He was always in a state of submission to and contentment with Almighty Allah.

Sayyid Nur was a man of great piety. This is why he would take great care in his words and in his actions. His student Jan-e Janan narrates:

“One day, under orders by my teacher, I was grounding some sesame root in order to make medicine. My teacher asked:

“Has it become fine enough?”

“Yes” I replied. My teacher took it in his blessed hand and said: “It is not fine enough” and then he cautioned me as follows:

“One should never speak about a matter without first investigating it otherwise their words will be a lie”[1].

Sayyid Nur (may Allah have mercy on him) passed away in the hijri year 1135 (1722AD) in Delhi. His tomb is located there[2].

Words of wisdom

  • “There is no limit to spiritual perfection. We should spend our limited and finite lives seeking it”[3].
  • “The person who behaves with taqwa is certain to advance in the degrees of sainthood”.

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