Who is Muhammad Zahid?


Who is Muhammad Zahid? What kind of person Muhammad Zahid? When did Muhammad Zahid live?

Muhammad Zahid [d. 1529]

Muhammad Zahid (may Allah have mercy on him) was the grandson of Yaqub Charkhi. Benefitting from Yaqub Charkhi’s successors, for many years Muhammad Zahid lived in asceticism and seclusion, advancing in the path of tasawwuf.

Later he set out to benefit from and attend the talks of Ubaydullah Ahrar. When he arrived near Samarkand, Ubaydullah Ahrar met him on the way. He showed him great respect and attention because he was the grandson of his shaykh Yaqub Charkhi (may Allah have mercy on them).

After spending time with Muhammad Zahid, Khwaja Ahrar saw that he had great potential in the way of tasawwuf and he accepted him as a disciple. In a short time, Muhammad Zahid made great progress and he was made a successor.

Returning to his homeland, Muhammad Zahid began to guide the people there. He passed away in the hijri year 936 in the month of Rabi al-awwal. His tomb is in the province of Surhanderya in Uzbekistan, in the village of Washiwar in the district of Altinsay. It is said that there is also a tomb of his in the surrounds of Dushanba.

His Words of Wisdom

  • “One should never abandon the struggle against one’s nafs in order to reach a certain spiritual state and advance in the stations on the sayr u suluq. The nafs, which is the source of all evils, and Satan who incites it, are ever awake. This is why it is necessary to always be aware in the face of the assaults of the nafs and struggle against it”.
  • “The well-mannered people of the path of tasawwuf are like flames that light the way for those who wish to advance. Whoever wishes to advance in the spiritual realm and become a person of spirituality must abide by the etiquette put forth by the great men of this path”.

Source: Osman Nuri Topbaş,The Golden Chain of Transmission Masters of the Naqshinandi Way, Erkam Publications

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