The Weightiest Statement On The Balance (On The Day Of Judgment)


The weightiest statement on the balance (on the day of judgment)

The Prophet (pbuh) said:

Surely, Allah will pick out in public one individual from among my people and ninety-nine files which are big enough to be seen by everyone will be opened and Allah will then say:

“– Can you deny any of these? Have my recording angels done you an injustice?”

The individual will answer:

“– No, My Lord!”

Allah will say again:

“– Yes, You have rewards in our sight. No injustice will be done to you today.”

And a paper which bears the statement وَ أَ شْهَدُ اَنَّ مُحمَّدًا عَبْدُهُ وَ رَ سُو لُه

أَ شْهَدُ اَنْ لاَ  اِلَهَ اِلاَّ اللهُI bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His servant and messenger on it will be unfolded, and it will say:

“– Come get ready for the judgment!”

Then the individual will say:

“– O my Lord! What sense does this single paper make in the face of so many files?”

Upon this, he will be told:

“– No injustice will be done to you today.”

On one side of the balance will be placed the files while on the other side will be that single piece of paper having the declaration of witness. And the paper will outweigh the files; for nothing can outweigh Allah’s name.” (Tirmizi).

In this valued sacred hadith it states:

“The most excellent remembrance is, لاَ  اِلَهَ اِلاَّ للهُ ‘There is no god but Allah’; and the most excellent prayer to be said is ‘Praise be to Allah’.” (Ibn Maja, Adab, 55; Tirmizi, Nasai).

Declaration of faith is the grass roots of faith. The more it is said, the more it makes the faith strong and perfect.

A sacred hadith says:

“– The Prophet Moses (a.s.) said:

“– O my Lord! Teach me something which I can praise and worship you with.”

Allah answered:

“– Say,  لاَ اِلَهَ اِلاَّ للهُ There is no god but Allah!”

The Prophet Moses (a.s) said:

“– O my Lord! I wish you suggest something special for me.”

Allah answered:

“– O Moses! If the sevenfold heavens and sevenfold earths are placed on one scale of the balance while the other has the statement لاَ  اِلَهَ اِلاَّ للهُ“There is no god but Allah” on it, the statement outweighs them all.” (Nasai).

King Solomon was passing by a locale having a magnificent army of jinn and humans in his company. There was a valley of ants there. The chief of the ants said when he saw Solomon (a.s) and his army:

“– O ants! Go to your nests; Do not let Solomon (a.s) and his army run over you unconsciously! The reign of Solomon (a.s) is a great one; you will be run over! “Get back to your nests!”

The Prophet Solomon (a.s) who was Divinely bestowed by Allah with the ability to understand the language of animals heard the words of the chief and answered.

“– No, my reign is a transitory one! And my worldly life is limited. Yet, the happiness gained through saying the declaration of unity once, is boundless!”

Regarding the recitation of the declaration collectively, Tabarani mentions the following saying of the Prophet (J) that Imam Ahmad narrates from Shaddad bin Aws:

The Prophet (J), one day, gathered the companions together and asked them:

“– Are there People of the Book (Christians and Jews) among you?”

“– No, Messenger of Allah!” they said.

Upon this, the Prophet (J) asked them to close the doors and said:

“– Raise your hands and remember Allah with the words “There is no god but Allah.” لاَ  اِلَهََ اِلاَّ للهُ

Shaddad bin Aws reports what happened then in this gathering of remembrance as follows:

“We remembered Allah with the words ‘There is no god but Allah.’ Then the Prophet (J) said the following prayer:

“– O my Lord! You ordained me as your messenger for this statement. You ordered me to pronounce it. You promised me paradise upon my pronouncement. You do not break Your word!”

Then, the Prophet (J) told the companions:

“– Pay attention! I am going to make you happy! Be happy; Allah has forgiven you.” (Ahmad bin Hanbal, Tabarani).

In another honored hadith it again states:

“The Declaration that there is no Allah but Allah is so valuable in the sight of Allah. It has a god place in the sight of Allah. Whoever says it truly and sincerely, Allah puts him in paradise. And whoever says it just vocally, not from his heart, his blood and property are saved; but he will be judged for that in the Hereafter.” (Jam al-Fawaid, I, 23).

Again the Prophet (J) says:

“Announce good news to people who succeed you! Whoever pronounces  لاَ اِلَهََ اِلاَّ للهُ ‘There is no god but Allah’ sincerely and whole-heartedly, he will enter paradise.” (Jam al-Fawaid, I, 18).

One who pronounces the statement,  لاَ اِلَهََ اِلاَّ للهُ ‘There is no god but Allah’ is supposed to move away from any carnal and worldly passions that lead him to heedlessness, and is to progress to such an extent, that the heart is filled only with the light of Allah; and also with Divine wisdom and mystery; and in this state he continues to contemplate the Grandeur of Allah and his weakness. Expounding on this point it has been declared:

“One who knows himself also knows his Lord.”

From this secret there is something very important to understand.

Allah’s sight is directly exposed to the heart filled with the love of Allah. One of the disciples (derish) asked Bayazid al-Bastami:

“– Suggest to me a type of worship that brings me closer to Allah!”

Bayazid al-Bastami advised him as follows:

“Love the saintly servants of Allah! Try to make a conquest of their hearts; for Allah looks into their hearts 360 times a day. Let Allah find you there during these visits!..”

Source: Osman Nuri Topbaş, ISLAM SPIRIT AND FORM, Erkam Publications