The Story of Prophet Ismail


Who is prophet ismail?  What is the prophet ismails sacrifice story?

Ismail (as) is a prophet mentioned in the Qur’an. He was also known as Dhabihullah, the sacrifice of Allah. He was a messenger to the Jurhumites, who had migrated to Mecca from Yemen. His name means ‘one who obeys Allah’. In Hebrew, he is called Yishmael.

Ismail (as) grew up with the Jurhumite children. He learned to use a bow and arrow from them and became a renowned archer in his youth. The Prophet (saw) once a saw a group of men from the tribe of Aslam holding an archery competition. He went up to them and said:

“Shoot your arrows, sons of Ismail! For your forefather was also a skilled archer!” (Al-Bukhari, Anbiya, 9)

After his father’s passing, Ismail (as) kept up the maintenance of the Ka’bah and services related to pilgrimage. He was the first person to drape the Ka’bah in a cloth. When the Almighty declared him a prophet, he took the message not only to the Jurhumites, but also the Amalekites nearby, as well the tribes of Yemen in Marib and Hadhramaut. Ismail (as) spent fifty years calling them to Islam. Only a few people believed him. However, Ismail (as) persevered regardless. The Qur’an says:

“And mention Ismail, Idris and Dhul Kifl (Ezekiel), all were of the patient.” (Al-Anbiya, 21: 85)

Ismail (as) was true to his word, who encouraged prayer and alms and who Allah (jj) was much pleased with. Another verse says:

“And mention in the Book, Ismail. He was true to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet. And he used to enjoin on his people prayer and alms and was to his Lord pleasing.” (Maryam, 19: 54-55)

Ismail’s (as) Miracles

Through prayer, he was able to turn dry shrubs into greenery,

…get milk from barren sheep,

…and silky soft fur from their felt.

And through prayer, he could turn sand into flour,

The zamzam, which will continue to flow until the final hour, is also his miracle.

His distinctive qualities are patience, kindness and submission.

Peace be upon him….

Source: The History of Prophets in Light of The Qur’an, THE CHAIN OF PROPHETS, Osman Nuri TOPBAŞ, Erkam Publications

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