The Story of Prophet Ezekiel


What is the story of prophet ezekiel? Who is the prophet ezekiel?

The Prophet Inundated with Divine Mercy Ezekiel -peace be upon him-

Ezekiel or Dhu’l-Kifl (as) was an Israelite prophet. He was also Elisha’s (as) paternal cousin.

It is narrated that his actual name was Bishr; and that Dhu’l-Kifl was the nickname he was given for becoming a ‘guarantor’ of conveying the commands of religion to the Children of Israel after Elias (as), as well as receiving a multitude of rewards for doing the deeds that prophets do. In Arabic, the prefix ‘dhu’ refers to ownership, while ‘kifl’ can mean a guarantor, share or multiple. At the same time, this nickname points to the importance of character, and supremacy ranks of the Hereafter have over wealth and shares in this world.

The following is narrated by Ibn Abbas (ra):

Allah the Almighty had given one of the prophets of Israel sovereignty and kingship. When his death drew near, it was revealed to him:

‘Give My sovereignty to a man who prays every night until morning, spends the day fasting, and who will be able to judge between people without getting angry!’ 

The prophet informed the Israelites about the order he had received. A young man stood up and said:

‘I can be a guarantor of this task! I can undertake this duty!’ 

The prophet said, ‘There are people among this nation elder than you! It is best you sit down!’

The prophet then repeated the offer. The same young man stood and said, ‘I can be a guarantor!’ The offer was repeated for a third time; and again, the young man was the only person willing to accept it. 

The prophet then left the young man in charge. This young man was Bishr.

Satan became jealous of the young man; and resorted to tricks to prevent him from his duty. But the man blocked out the whispers of the devil and fulfilled his duty in the best way possible. His effort was flawless. Hence, he came to be known as ‘Dhu’l-Kifl’.

The Qur’an acknowledges Ezekiel (as) in two places:

“And remember Ismail, Elisha and Dhu’l-Kifl. Each was among the elect.” (Sad, 38: 48)

“And Ismail, Idris, and Dhul-Kifl. They were each among the patient. We admitted them into Our mercy. They were indeed among the righteous.” (Al-Anbiya, 21: 85-86)

Dhil-Kifl practiced the law of Moses (as) and informed people of the commands of the Torah.

It is narrated that he passed away in the region of Damascus.

Peace be upon him…

Source: The History of Prophets in Light of The Qur’an, THE CHAIN OF PROPHETS, Osman Nuri TOPBAŞ, Erkam Publications

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