The Story of Prophet Elias


What is the story of prophet elias? Who is prophet elias?

The Prophet who Left Behind a Name and Fame of Peace ELIAS -peace be upon him-

Elias (as) was a descendant of Aaron (as) and a prophet sent to the Israelites. The Almighty states:

“And indeed Elias was one of the prophets.” (Al-Saffat, 37: 123)

After the capture of Jerusalem, a tribe from the Israelites settled north in Baalbek. They were ruled by a tyrant king. It is reported that the city was originally called Bek but the king had an idol made by the name of Baal, and forced people to worship it. Later, the names Baal and Bek were combined, and the city was henceforth called Baalbek.[1] It was there that Elias (as) was sent as a prophet to invite its people back to the truth.

The idol, which people worshipped, was made of gold and stood about ten meters. Elias (as) called on them to:

“Leave the idol Baal! Believe in and worship Allah, the Creator of all things!”

The Qur’an says:

“When he said to his people, ‘Will you not fear God? Do you invoke Baal and abandon the best of creators? Allah, your Lord and Lord of your forefathers?” (Al-Saffat, 37: 124-126)

Not only did the Israelites ignore Elias’ (as) advices, they expelled him from the city. For that, they were plagued with many troubles. They eventually understood why, and found Elias (as). They believed in him and were consequently saved from their troubles.

Yet, they were an unruly people; and it was not long before they again lost their way and became rebellious. Although Elias (as) advised them once more, they would not listen. Then, the divine command arrived and Elias (as) left the city. They all perished. They were met with a punishment here and are bound for another in the Hereafter. The Almighty declares:

“But they disputed him. So they will indeed be accused, except for Allah’s exclusive servants.” (Al-Saffat, 37: 127-128)

After leaving Baalbek, Elias (as) stopped by a village. He invited its people to the truth. They accepted the divine invitation and asked Elias (as) to stay. Elias (as) was lodged at the house of an old woman. She had an ill son. Elias (as) offered a two-rakah prayer and asked the Lord to cure the child. The child was healed. Later, Elias (as) took the child under his wings and taught him the Torah. The child’s name was Elisha.

Elias (as) later passed away to reunite with his Lord, leaving behind a lasting legacy. He is praised by the Almighty:

“We left for him a good name in for those to come. ‘Peace be to Elias!’ Thus indeed do We reward the virtuous. He is surely one of Our faithful servants.” (Al-Saffat, 37: 129-132)

It is narrated that when the Azrail, the angel of death, appeared, Elias (as) became terrified. Azrail (as) asked:

“Is a prophet of Allah afraid of death?”

“No”, Elias (as) said. “It is because I am about to bid farewell to life on earth”, and continued:

“All my life, I tried to serve my Lord, advise others to do good and discourage them from evil. I tried spending my time in worship and good deeds, and leading a life of good morals. This gave me peace and provided for my heart a source of joy. I am now sad that death will separate me from these pleasures and confine me to a grave until the Day of Judgment!”

Peace be upon him…

May the Almighty grant each of us His nearness by letting us lead upright lives on His path; and take us to eternal pleasures by protecting us from falling for passing desires!


[1].      This city is presently known as Baalbek.

Source: The History of Prophets in Light of The Qur’an, THE CHAIN OF PROPHETS, Osman Nuri TOPBAŞ, Erkam Publications

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