The Return from Badr


What happened on the return from badr? What happened in the badr battle?

Remaining in close vicinity to the battlefield for a further three days after a given victory was something practiced by the Blessed Prophet -upon him blessings and peace-. Once three days had elapsed, the Blessed Prophet -upon him blessings and peace- ordered for his camel to be brought. The camel was geared up. The Noble Prophet -upon him blessings and peace- then began walking on foot. The Companions followed, supposing, ‘the Messenger of Allah -upon him blessings and peace- must have remembered something’. He ultimately stopped by the desiccated well in which the idolaters had been thrown; and called out to each of them by their names:

“Abu Jahl! Umayya ibn Khalaf! Utbah ibn Rabia! Shaybah ibn Rabia!” He then continued:

“Wouldn’t it have been better for you to obey Allah and His Messenger? We have found the promise of our Lord realized…and have you found the promise of your Lord realized?”

“Are you speaking to lifeless corpses, Messenger of Allah?” then asked Omar -Allah be well-pleased with him-. “How will they hear you and respond when they have been reduced to mere carcasses?”

“By Allah, in whose Hand of Might Muhammad’s life resides, they can hear me better than you…only they cannot respond!” (Bukhari, Maghazi, 8; Muslim, Jannat, 77)

When the battle came to an end, Jibril -upon him blessings and peace- came next to the Prophet of Allah, and said, “Allah the Almighty has sent me to you, Muhammad, and commanded me not to leave you until you are fully satisfied of our aid. Are you satisfied?”

“Yes, I am”, assured the Blessed Prophet -upon him blessings and peace- , upon which Jibril -upon him peace- departed. (Waqidi, I, 113; Ibn Sad, II, 26-27)

Breathing into Medina a breeze of joy, the enormous victory at Badr alternately sent Mecca into mourning; such that Abu Lahab died from unbearable grief.[1] The Divine promise was thus fulfilled.

The joy of the Believers was short-lived, however, due to the passing away of Ruqayya –Allah be well-pleased with her-, the honorable daughter of the Blessed Prophet -upon him blessings and peace-, soon after the battle.

[1] Ibn Hisham, II, 289.

Source: Osman Nuri Topbaş, The Prophet Muhammed Mustafa the Elect II, Erkam Publications

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