The Prophet (pbuh) as a Teacher


How was prophet muhammad as a teacher? Who is the best teacher in islam?

The prophets are the first teachers and trainers of humanity. Allah the Almighty chose them amongst people and sent them to invite His servants to the Truth in the best of manners. Allah the Almighty declares the missions of the prophets as reflected by our beloved Prophet:

“Even as We have sent unto you a messenger from among you, who recites unto you Our revelations and causes you to grow, and teaches you the Scripture and wisdom, and teaches you that which ye knew not.” (al-Baqara 2; 151)

In another verse it is stated that:

“Allah verily hath shown grace to the believers by sending unto them a messenger of their own who recites unto them His revelations, and causes them to grow, and teaches them the Scripture and wisdom; although before (he came to them) they were in flagrant error.” (Al-i Imran 3; 164)

Even though Allah’s Messenger was raised illiterate, Allah the Almighty taught him everything he needed. He even bestowed on the Prophet (pbuh) such a scholarly rank that nobody had ever achieved before. This fact is expressed in a verse as follows:

“…For Allah has sent down to you the book and wisdom and taught you what you knew not (before): and great is the Grace of Allah unto you.” (al-Nisa 4; 113)

Allah the Almighty did not send His most beloved friend (pbuh) for a specific time or for a specific nation. On the contrary, he was sent to be a shinning lamp for all times and places and an educator who enlightens the eyes and souls beyond the ages. Such is expressed in the following verse:

“…And We have not sent thee (O Muhammad) save as a bringer of good tidings and a warner unto all mankind; but most of mankind know not.” (Saba 34; 28)

Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) stated that he was sent as an instructor and his real task was to teach people on various occasions. According to Abdullah b. Amr’s (r.a.) narration Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) met two groups of people sitting in circles. One group was reciting the Qur’an and praying to Allah. And the other one was busy with learning and teaching. When Allah’s Apostle (pbuh) witnessed this scene, he said:

“All of them are busy with goodness. These people are reciting the Qur’an and praying to Allah the Almighty. Allah may accept their requests or not. Those, on the other hand, are learning and teaching knowledge. I have also been sent as a teacher.” and sat with the latter group. (Ibn Majah, Muqaddimah, 17)

Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) was a peerless instructor and instructor disciplined by the Lord Almighty Himself. His billions of followers are the most remarkable proof of this fact. Even though the earliest audiences of the Prophet (pbuh) usually consisted of people that were hard to discipline, he presented the most suitable approach to them, showed patience in the face of their oppression and torments and finally managed to convince them to accept his message. Stubborn people of the Age of Ignorance eventually gathered together around the Prophet (pbuh) like castles. They sacrificed their lives and everything they had in his path; they left their abode for his cause and their souls reached a state that they responded to his slightest request saying “O Messenger of Allah! May my father, mother, and everything be sacrificed for you.”

Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) began educating his followers from his closest relatives and then every passing day he widened the circle. During Meccan period he taught the fundamentals of the religion in his home or in his Companions’ homes, whereas in Medina he continued his activities everywhere he found a chance.

The prophet’s fast success depended on his educational methods supported by the light of his prophethood. If we would like to find the shortest way to people’s hearts, we need to learn, understand and apply these prophetic methods.

Source: The History of Prophets in Light of The Qur’an, THE CHAIN OF PROPHETS II, Osman Nuri TOPBAŞ, Erkam Publications

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