Some Information About the Janazah (Maliki)


What are some information about the janazah?

Janazah: It means the deceased, the person who is about to die. If there is no difficulty in doing so, the person who is about to die should be turned to their right facing towards the qiblah. The Kalimat al-Shahadah and Tawheed is read out. Ayahs and surahs from the Qur’an are recited.  It is better for those who are menstruating or in a state of janabah to keep away.

When the person is parting with their soul, so the mouth does not stay open the chin is tied, the eyelids are shut. Scents are placed next to them, their arms are placed close besides them. The time of the janazah should not be delayed, the body should be buried without wasting any time.