Lessons from the Life of Adam (as)


What are the lessons to be taken from the life of prophet adam (as)? Why is the life of the prophet adam important?

We must be cautious of and alert to the ploys of our archenemy Satan, who relentlessly encourages us to commit evil.

We must pay special attention to the need to train the ego and purify the heart in order to rid our souls of negative traits such as conceit, jealousy and impulsiveness, which otherwise may lead us to eternal misery.

Upon committing a sin, we must immediately repent just like Adam (as) did.

Even if we made no mistakes at all, we still need to repent to give voice to our inability to properly thank the Lord for all He has given us.

Judging by the ‘forbidden tree’ incident, sinners can regain their lost innocence through repentance.

Like Adam (as), we must invoke the name of our Prophet (saw) in our prayers; and keep him in our hearts and minds in good times and bad.

Like Abel, we must make sure that our spirit quashes our ego, so that we understand the mystery behind Allah’s words that ‘man was created in the best of forms’ (ahsani taqwim).

We must always remember that a person who leads people to good will continue to receive a share of their rewards, and that a person who leads people to bad, will incur a share of their sins. While Abel broke new ground in good, Cane did so in evil.

Ultimately, it teaches us that the human being has been honored as the best among creation.

In short, Adam (as) was:

…the first to live in both paradise and earth

…the first to dress

…the first to forget

…the first to blunder

…the first to repent

…the first prophet (he was also given a 10-page revelation)

…the first to struggle in the way of Allah

…the first to grieve for his children

…the first to greet another

…the first to till the land

…and the first human being

Peace be upon him…

Source: The History of Prophets in Light of The Qur’an, THE CHAIN OF PROPHETS, Osman Nuri TOPBAŞ, Erkam Publications

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