Knowledge of God (Marifatullah)


What is the marifatullah in islam? What is  the knowledge of god?

Man was created to recognize God and fulfil his duty of being a servant. In the verse previously mentioned, the Almighty says He brought human beings into existence to that they could  لِيَعْبُدُونِ  that is to say, ‘worship Him’. Some scholars have interpreted that as لِيَعْرِفُونِ; ‘so that they will recognize Allah (jj) in the heart and acquire knowledge of Him’. (Ibn Kathir, Tafsir, IV, 255)

So, above all, it is God’s desire to be known that has led to the creation of man. The Prophet (saw) tells us that God said:

“I was a secret treasure. I created the universe, for I wished to be known.” (Ismail Hakki Bursawi, Kanz-i Makhfi

Source: The History of Prophets in Light of The Qur’an, THE CHAIN OF PROPHETS, Osman Nuri TOPBAŞ,Erkam Publications

Hz. Adam