Hz. Muhammed’s Birth and Childhood


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The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was born in the city of Mecca, which is located in the western part of the Arabian Peninsula, in the year 570. His father was Abdullah, who was the son of Abdul-Muttalib from the Banu Hashim branch of the Quraysh tribe, and his mother was Amina, the daughter of Wahb ibn Abdumanaf, who was a member of the Banu Zuhra branch of the Quraysh tribe. The Prophet was their only child. Prophet Muhammad’s father Abdullah bin Abdul-Muttalib died before the Prophet was born and when Muhammad reached the age of six his mother Amina also died. Muhammad was entrusted to the care of his grandfather Abdul-Muttalib, who was more than eighty years-of-age at the time, Abdul-Muttalib passed away not long after he handed over the custody and protection of his grandson, then eight years-of-age, to the latter’s paternal uncle, Abu Talib. Abu Talib was a trader and when the Prophet was nine years of age, he accompanied Abu Talib to Syria. Their caravan stopped in Bosra, located in Syria and, it is transmitted that a monk called Bahira, living in a monastery, invited the caravan to join him for a meal. It was during this event that Bahira told Abu Talib that he recognized Muhammad as the long awaited Prophet foretold in the Bible. He cautioned Abu Talib against some of the dangers that his nephew could face and advised Abu Talib to protect his nephew well. Upon this warning, Abu Talib ended his journey and returned to Mecca. It is also well-known that when the Prophet Muhammad was about ten years old, he worked as a shepherd for a period of time, in order to help his uncle Abu Talib who had a large family.

Source: Islam For New Muslims An Educational Guide,Assoc. Prof. Amjad M. Hussain, Erkam Publications

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