Contemplation in The Quran


Humans are naturally predisposed towards contemplation. But we need a guide to steer our minds out of the narrow straits of the ego and turn its direction to the truth and good. The most dependable guide is the Holy Quran, the Almighty’s word, and its embodiment and physical clarification, the Blessed Prophet –upon him blessings and peace-.

For believers of heart, the Holy Quran is a majestic gateway to the depths of the realm of contemplation, a vast horizon of reflection. It is the language of the heavens and earth. With the words of wisdom it provides, spirit’s only food, it is an endless treasure of inspiration, a miracle of eloquence given to human beings.

The Holy Quran is the elucidation of man and the universe. The universe, man and the Quran are three interconnected planes that shed perfect light on each other. A person steeped in the Quran starts to read the Divine blessing both in himself and in the universe and begins to turn the pages of the book of wisdom. Many Divine secrets become manifest to him, many windows open up in his heart to beyond.

The remedy to curb the desires of the ego that push humanity onto the path of destruction is in the Quran; it is also the cure for moral depravity that renders man lower than beasts and the measure for preventing feelings of justice from turning into uncompromising oppression. In short, the most potent medicine for happiness, for which human beings stand in need under all circumstances, is only in the Holy Quran.


The Holy Quran is the greatest gift to humankind from the Almighty’s own presence. It states:

“The Beneficent. Taught the Quran. He created man. Taught him the mode of expression.” (ar-Rahman, 1-4)

Teaching the Holy Quran as an enormous manifestation of His eternal mercy, the Almighty has thereby provided human beings access to much wisdom and the answer to many mysteries. Humanity is therefore required to learn the Quran and first develop ones inner world, then strive towards becoming the Quran come-to-life with all ones actions and behavior and finally toil to communicate it to the rest of humankind in the most effective manner.

Source: Osman Nuri Topbaş, Contemplation in Islam, Erkam Public.