Belief in Angels


What is belief in angels in islam?

Angels are magnificent beings Allah created out of light prior to the creation of human beings. Angels have no masculinity or femininity and they never cease to obey Allah. They are subjected to Allah’s speech and they speak with him. They never rebel against Allah, and they fulfill exactly Allah’s commands. They are free of human needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping, getting tired, being bored. They have no carnal desires. They do not commit wrongdoings or sins. They can move in an extremely strong, forceful, and fast fashion. No matter how heavy the duty given, they are capable of performing it. By the command and permission of Allah, they can take various forms. They do not know the unknown and subjects whose knowledge belongs only to Allah. They can only know something to the extent Allah instructed them.[1]

Jinn are a kind of being that cannot be discerned by our physical senses. They have consciousness and free will like human beings, are obliged to obey divine commands, and fall into two groups, believers and disbelievers. Satan is one of the Jinn.

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Source: Dr. Murat Kaya,The Final Divine Religion: ISLAM

Its Essence is Oneness of God (Tawhid)