A Disaster to Flee


What is a disaster to flee in islam period?

Jesus (AS) was running desperately as if being chased by a lion. Startled by what he saw, another man ran after Jesus (AS) and called out:

“Where and why are you running like a fluttering bird that has been frightened? No one is chasing you!”

Jesus (AS) was running so fast and in such a frenzy that he did not answer the question. The man was all the more curious as he ran closer to Jesus (AS); and once he finally got near, asked:

“Prophet of Allah! Your flight has become a mystery to me! From who are you fleeing?”

Jesus (AS) thereupon said:

“It is the fool that I am fleeing, the fool! Do not stand in my way, so that I can save myself!”

The man then said:

“Are you not the Messiah who cures the blind and the deaf?” as he recalled his miracles and, once again, inquired the reason behind his flight.

Jesus (AS) said:

“Yes, I recited Allah’s (JJ) Greatest Name (Ism al-Azam) on the blind and deaf; and they were cured. I read it upon a corpse, and it came back to life. Yet, even though I recited the prayer upon the heart of a fool thousands of times, it was of no avail. The fool became as thick as a brick and even more stubborn in his folly. He turned into barren sand and did not grow even a single weed.”

All the more curious, the man once again asked:

“Why is it that the Ism al-Azam prayer does not benefit the fool, when it cures every single illness? The others are also diseases. Why does it cure them all but not this?”

Jesus (AS) replied:

“Foolishness is an illness that is part of God’s wrath. Others such as blindness are simply afflictions. An affliction may also be an illness; but you only feel sympathy for the afflicted. As for foolishness, it is an illness that often also wounds and infects other people.”

Those liberated from sad folly devote their lives to the truth and guiding others, the most prosperous of all activities that can win them an eternity. And one of their characteristics is to:

Source: BEING A GUIDING LIGHT, Osman Nuri Topbas, Erkam Publications

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 Source: BEING A GUIDING LIGHT, Osman Nuri Topbas, Erkam Publications

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