A Cup of Milk Caused Her to Become A Muslim


What is rebi molla story? a cup of milk caused her to become a muslim…

We once had a neighbour who had converted to Islam later in life. One day I asked him the reason that led to his guidance. He explained:

“I became Muslim through the beautiful morals of our neighbour in Acibadem, Rebi Molla. He made his living selling milk. One evening he knocked on the door and said:

“Here…this milk is yours!”

I was surprised.

“How is that possible?” I asked. “I do not remember ordering any milk!”

That delicate and graceful man then said:

“I realised that one of my cows breached the fence and grazed on your land. So, this milk is yours. Also, I will continue to bring you the cow’s milk until it completes its digestive cycle and completely rids its body of the grass it consumed from your land.”

I said:

“You cannot be serious, my friend. It is only grass. Do not even mention it!”

Still, Molla Rebi was adamant.

“No, no”, he insisted. “Its milk is yours!” And he continued to bring me the cow’s milk to me until its digestive cycle came to an end.

The conduct this blessed man had displayed moved me beyond belief. It helped lift the veils of ignorance before my eyes and allowed the sun of guidance to dawn in my heart. I said to myself:

“There can certainly be no question that the religion of such a wonderful man is the most sublime of all. One simply cannot doubt the truth of a religion that raises such elegant, righteous and immaculate souls.” And there and then, I said the shahadah and became Muslim.”

My respected father would add:

“Scholars once held regular meetings attended by Elmalili Hamdi Efendi among others. Hamdi Efendi would sit at the head with the rest of the scholars forming a circle around him. There would talk about scholarly matter for hours.

Scholars would arrive and Hamdi Efendi would receive their greetings from where he was seated and continue with the lesson. All except for one person; and that was Rebi Molla. Once Rebi Molla entered the room, Hamdi Effendi would rise and show that righteous man utmost respect. Without doubt, this was a result of the spiritual grandeur righteous people acquired through their good morals. In short, the states of mind of both Rebi Molla and Elmalili Hamdi Efendi beautifully reflected the spiritual dignity (mahabah) and the respect shown by true scholars.”

Source: BEING A GUIDING LIGHT, Osman Nuri Topbas, Erkam Publications

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 Source: BEING A GUIDING LIGHT, Osman Nuri Topbas, Erkam Publications

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