The Best Cleanser of Our Body and Soul: ABLUTION


 What is ablution in islam? What does ablution means in islam?

A Muslim pay attention to his personal care very much. He performs ablution every day by washing his hands, face, feet; and washes whole body a few times a week and never smells sweat.

Now it is time for us to learn how to perform ablution.


Our Prophet gives us good tidings. “When a Muslim or a believer-washes his face (in course of ablution), every sin he contemplated with his eyes will be washed away from his face along with water, or with the last drop of water; when he washes his hands, every sin they wrought will be effaced from his hands with the water, or with the last drop of water; and when he washes his feet, every sin towards which his feet have walked will be washed away with the water or with the last drop of water with the result that he comes out pure from all sins.” (Muslim, Taharah, 32)

As our material body is cleansed by means of performing ablution, our feelings and intentions, which are our spiritual side, are also purified.

After saying Audhu Basmala when we start performing ablution, we wash our hands up to our wrists three times.

All praises due to Allah, Who made water clean, and Islam as light.

I give water to my mouth with my right hand and rinse my mouth three times.

I draw water into my nose by my right hand and cleanse it by my left hand three times.

I wash my entire face three times.

I wash my right arm up to my elbow (including my elbow) three times.

I wash my left arm up to my elbow (including my elbow) three times.

I wipe my entire head with both of my hands.

I wash my hands and wipe the inner side of my ears with my little finger, and behind my ears with my thumb.

I wash my right foot up to my ankle (including my ankle) three times with my left hand.

I wash my left foot up to my ankle (including my ankle) three times with my left hand.

We wash all our all limbs by rubbing them well without giving a break in between them.

Ablution is a light, and we shine when we perform ablution. The more we perform ablution, the brighter we become. Our skin becomes beautiful and our eyes start to spread energy of happiness.


There is also Major Ablution the we perform in addition to our daily minor ablution. With major ablution, our body is cleaned and it smells nicely. Our protecting shield becomes shiny.

Here is How to Perform Major Ablution (Ghusl)

– Firstly, we wash our hands up to our wrists three times. Because we know that it is a sunnah of our Prophet.

– Then, we clean the impurities from our body, if there is any.

– Later on, we express our intention thinking that “I have indented to perform the obligation of ghusl” or “to remove the big spiritual impurity.”

– Then, we wash our private parts.

– Then, we draw water to our mouth and then to our nostrils and cleanse them.

– Then, we wash our entire face once.

– Then, we wash our hair. We make water reach to the roots of our hair with the help our hands and wash our hair completely by pouring water over our head three times.

– We wash our neck and then wash our shoulders down to our elbows.

– Then, we pour water to the right side of our body down to our heels, and wash the right side of our body by rubbing it with our hands, and then do the same thing to the left side of our body.

– Then, we wash our body completely by rubbing without leaving any dry place. We should be very careful not to forget especially some parts of our body such as belly button, inner parts of our ears, ear hole, the roots of our hair and the roots of our beard.

– We wash between the fingers, and finally we wash our feet well and leave the bath.


Sometimes there are times of drought in our lands. We may not be able to find water for days or sometimes we may not be able to find water when we are in long journeys. When we do not have water, are we going to stay in a spiritually impure state? Of course not. Soil is a clean material. If we perform dry ablution (tayammum) when there is no water, we will be purified from material and spiritual impurities and will be clean. So, are you ready to perform dry ablution (Tayammum)?

– We recite Basmala (in the name of Allah) when we start performing dry ablution (tayammum) and then express our intention.

– We uncover our arms well, and take off our ring, watch, bracelet etc. or we move them while performing dry ablution.

– We keep our fingers separate from each other and we rub our palms on clean soil.

– We rub our entire face starting from up to down with our palms once.

– Then, we rub our palms on the soil again.

– We rub upper part of our right arm with our left arm up to the elbows (including elbows). Then we rub the inner part of our arm starting from the elbow down to our wrist. After that, we move the inner side of our thumb on the outer side of our right thumb.

– After that, first we rub the upper part of our left arm up to the elbow (including elbow) with our right hand, and then rub inside of our arm down to our wrist.

– Then, we rub right palm on our left palm up to our fingers.

– Then we interlock our fingers to each other.

Source: Islam For New Muslims An Educational Guide,Assoc. Prof. Amjad M. Hussain, Erkam Publications

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